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Brice, James, Esqr. of Anne MD   10/22/1802 -- Elite
Buchanan, Thomas of Pr Georges, MD   4/12/1791 -- Elite
Carlyle, John of Fairfax, VA   11/13/1780 -- Elite
Chase, Jeremiah of Charles, MD   7/1/1755 -- Elite
Dorsey, Edward, Esq of Annapolis, MD   10/31/1761 -- Elite
Dulany, Daniel of Annapolis, MD   5/21/1754 -- Elite
Dulany, Hena Maria of Ann Arundel, MD   11/12/1766 -- Elite
Fendall, Benjamin of Charles, MD   7/1/1764 -- Elite
Galloway, Joseph of Anne MD   1/1/1753 -- Elite
Johnston, George of Fairfax, VA   2/11/1767 -- Elite
Jordan, John Morton of Ann Arundel, MD   10/11/1771 -- Elite
Lee, Philip Thomas of Anne MD   7/20/1779 -- Elite
Lewis, Colo Fielding of Spotsylvania VA   4/17/1782 -- Elite
McElderry, Patrick of Pr Georges, MD   1/13/1796 -- Elite
Montgomerie, Thomas of Pr William, VA   10/8/1793 -- Elite
Nelson, Thomas, Jr. of York, VA   6/2/1789 -- Elite
Page, Mann of Fredricksbrg VA   12/29/1803 -- Elite
Phenix, Thomas of Charles, MD   5/10/1796 -- Elite
Ramsay, William of Fairfax, VA   9/22/1785 -- Elite
Randolph, Peyton of York, VA   1/5/1776 -- Elite
Ridgate, Thomas Howe of Charles, MD   6/19/1790 -- Elite
Sprigg, Doctor John of Pr Georges, MD   9/2/1787 -- Elite
Stewart, Doctor John of Pr Georges, MD   8/21/1797 -- Elite
Stone, Thomas, Esqr. of Anne MD   1/1/1788 -- Elite
Thomas, Philip of Anne MD   3/13/1763 -- Elite
Thomson, Doctr. Adam of Pr Georges, MD   11/24/1768 -- Elite
Tucker, Robert of Norfolk, VA   9/5/1768 -- Elite

George Mason's Gunston Hall Plantation - Mason Neck, Virginia 22079-3901