Maryland Aspiring Inventories with Books Titled
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Boarman, Capt Henry of Charles, MD   1/15/1802 -- Aspiring+
Bowie, William, Sr. of Pr Georges, MD   7/10/1792 -- Aspiring
Buckland, William of Anne MD   12/19/1774 -- Aspiring-
Campbell, Rev. Isaac of Charles, MD   12/18/1784 -- Aspiring
Claget, Revd. Samuel of Charles, MD   11/13/1756 -- Aspiring-
Clagett, Judson Magruder of Pr Georges, MD   11/26/1800 -- Aspiring+
Cunningham, John of Charles, MD   2/28/1750 -- Aspiring
Davis, Eleazer of Charles, MD   4/7/1796 -- Aspiring
Dent, William of Charles, MD   3/20/1757 -- Aspiring
Duckett, John of Pr Georges, MD   10/4/1781 -- Aspiring-
Dyson, Dr. John of Charles, MD   7/17/1809 -- Aspiring+
Eversfield, Matthew of Pr Georges, MD   7/10/1800 -- Aspiring+
Hall, William of Anne MD   5/1/1771 -- Aspiring-
Hamilton, Alexander of Pr Georges, MD   10/18/1799 -- Aspiring+
Hanson, Samuel of Charles, MD   5/11/1741 -- Aspiring+
Harrison, Col. Richard of Charles, MD   1/31/1781 -- Aspiring
Harrison, Grace of Charles, MD   12/18/1794 -- Aspiring
Harrison, William of Charles, MD   12/15/1789 -- Aspiring
Hawkins, John Stone, Gent. of Pr Georges, MD   2/1/1764 -- Aspiring
Key, James of Charles, MD   6/17/1779 -- Aspiring
King, Mr. Francis of Pr Georges, MD   12/11/1771 -- Aspiring+
Laidler, Capt. John of Charles, MD   4/6/1774 -- Aspiring
Lansdale, Isaac of Pr Georges, MD   1/7/1779 -- Aspiring
Lawson, Mrs. Elizabeth of Pr Georges, MD   5/3/1766 -- Aspiring+
Mitchell, Hugh of Charles, MD   3/25/1761 -- Aspiring
Neale, William of Charles, MD   4/29/1763 -- Aspiring
Nevison, James of Charles, MD   11/30/1759 -- Aspiring
Parham, Doctor Francis of Charles, MD   2/14/1757 -- Aspiring
Pile, Joseph of Charles, MD   8/26/1758 -- Aspiring
Simpson, Ignatius of Charles, MD   2/15/1794 -- Aspiring
Stoddert, Capt. John of Charles, MD   5/25/1767 -- Aspiring
Turner, Zephaniah of Charles, MD   6/21/1794 -- Aspiring

George Mason's Gunston Hall Plantation - Mason Neck, Virginia 22079-3901