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Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer to George Mason (rough draft)

Autograph letter signed:
[single sheet folded, text on 2 sides]

[cover page]
12 Jany 1789
Letter to Colo. Mason
Rough Draught

[perpendicular on cover]
12th Jany 1789
Rough Draft of Letter
to George Mason [ ]
from Major Jenifer

[page 1]

Maryld Stepney Jany 12 1789

Dear Sir

Mr. Johnston delivered me your favor of the 3d Inst. on his way to Annapolis.
     Mr. Quynn has considerable property in Houses in the City of Annapolis, but I am a stranger to the Debts he may owe. He has however rental resourses which few have; He is Executor or Trustee to several Estate, which are not settled, & I believe Security for considerable Sums yet under his management that I have not heard of his being distressed or even suits commenced against him--In a word few have lived more by their wits than Mr. Quynn. He may however be good at bottom for ought I know but I have my doubts as Houses in wch his property [ ] consists for [ ] haveing greatly fallen in Value in Annapolis, and I do not think they will ever appreciate; so much am I [ ] [been & shall] of [ ] [ ] opinion that I have got [ ] of what property I had in it.
     I do not immagine Mr. Quynn means to take up Mr. Carrolls Mortgage, but to get a Deed from Rutland for 700 acres of Land Mortgaged to him as being his

[page 2]

his Security to Mr. Bennett [Chase] for proceeds less than the value of the Land; [ ] he is enterprising he may aspire at the whole. You as well as my self must have often remarked that 9 out of 10 of these enterprizing [geniuses] miscarry; upon the whole I would recommend to you not to part with your present hold lest you catch by a Limb [more] rotten than the one at presently your grasp. Your judgement will I conceive [bind] both [Tracts] after [prior] ones take place.
     M. Quynns offering to become security for your Debt will at least give you a better opinion of [it] than you seem hitherto to have entertained.
     The continuance of our Friendship from our early Youth I reflect upon with pleasure, and shall ever be happy in rendering you every service in my power upon all occasions that may offer, and which I pray you to command.
     Your State will not be the only one, that will be in assessment, ours, as well as several others, will [ ]more or less I fear [convulsed] by the self conceits of the [so as not to have stop'd the Acts of the Government] of a few opulent men. The recommendation a few amendments ([& these would not have [ ] stop delayed the [Election] of the Government) satisfied 19/20ths of the people of Maryland, & most of which probably will take place the first Congress; but why not satisfy & [quiet] the minds of those who have an equal right to think with ourselves.

[page 3]

     Our state has adopted a mode of Election different I believe from any in the [union] which will be productive of much contention, if not altered before the next Elections.
     Upon a [scrutiny] which I have made of the Pols in Pennsylvania, it appears to me that 2/3rds if not 3/4ths of the Landed interests Counties in the State are against the Government without Amendments, & that the City & County of Phila have carried the Elections throughout the state; not withstanding, one Farmer in the Political Scale is worth more than 10 citizens, most of whom generally live by their Wits.

I am as ever, Dear sir

your affectionate friend

Daniel of St. Thos Jenifer

My compliments to Mrs. Mason & all at Gunston

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