Gunston Hall

Virginia Declaration of Rights
240th Anniversary Celebration

“That all men are by nature equally free and independent, and have certain inherent rights...” - Virginia Declaration of Rights

When George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights in 1776, he was the first to codify freedoms that Americans still hold dear today. Join Gunston Hall in celebrating the Virginia Declaration of Rights by exploring the democratic ideals penned by Mason. In honor of the 240th anniversary of the ratification of this seminal document, Gunston Hall is planning a year-long celebration with new programs, special events, and community collaborations in 2016.

This educational initiative will include a diverse offering of experiences at Gunston Hall and in locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic. High school students are invited to respond to The NSCDA's 2016 Essay Contest question, centered on the continuing relevance of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and to participate in a school program on Mason and the Constitution. People around the world will hear from guest bloggers on the topic of Why Rights Matter.

A schedule of anniversary events is listed below. Stay tuned for additional information!

September 10
Naturalization Ceremony
Gunston Hall, Mason Neck, VA

October 5
Symposium: Dissent in Democracy
National Constitution Center, Philadelphia, PA

November (Date TBD)
Town Hall: Responsibilities of Citizens
Newseum, Washington, DC

December 15
Bill of Rights Day
National Archives, Washington, DC

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