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Everyone knows the names George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But how many people know about George Mason? Although Mason made many important contributions to Virginia and the country, he is not famous.

Why is that? Mason lost the respect of many Americans when he refused to sign the Constitution. His opinions on the Constitution were not popular. His neighbor George Washington stopped calling on him. Many people believed Mason's opposition to the Constitution was wrong.

Today, Mason is sometimes called a "reluctant statesman." He was not interested in being a public figure. He often had to be persuaded to enter politics. He did not write an autobio-graphy or articles giving his views on government. Sometimes, he allowed others to take credit for his accomplishments.

But now in the 20th century, we have the chance to bring Mason's achievements into the public eye.

(in small groups)

Pretend to be the (name of school) advertising agency. Your job is to improve the image of George Mason. Here's how you do it:

  1. Make a list of Mason's good points and accomplishments. This is what you want to emphasize during your agency's promotional campaign. Then, list the unattractive aspects of Mason's character or actions. You will need to downplay the items on this list -- or describe them in a new way!

  2. Think of a promotional slogan for Mason. This slogan will be the theme of your campaign. Design a postage stamp or bumper sticker with this slogan.

  3. Choose a song and write new lyrics to it in honor of Mason.

  4. Come up with other ways to publicize Mason. The more creative, the better!


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