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John Mason Remembers

OBJECTIVE: to consider what life was like for a child on a plantation in colonial Virginia
ACTIVITY: read and discuss

The Masons of Long Ago

OBJECTIVE: to study where a leading family settled in 18th-century Virginia
ACTIVITY: interpret map showing Mason land holdings

Keeping the Record

OBJECTIVE: to discover what documents can tell us about family history
ACTIVITY: examine pages from Mason family Bible


OBJECTIVE: to find out about what school was like on a colonial plantation
ACTIVITY: create a picture book

Child's Play

OBJECTIVE: to learn about how children had fun in the 18th century
ACTIVITY: play two games

Toys Made at Home

OBJECTIVE: to discover that many early toys were made from everyday materials found at home
ACTIVITY: make two colonial toys

Time for a Ball!

OBJECTIVE: to investigate social customs of gentlemen and gentlewomen in the 18th century
ACTIVITY: practice the bow and curtsy

Afro-American Music

OBJECTIVE: to explore the music and dance of slaves in colonial America
ACTIVITY: interpret a painting

Mrs. Mason's Closet

OBJECTIVE: to find out about how foods were stored on an 18th-century plantation
ACTIVITY: explore early American recipes

The Work of Many Hands

OBJECTIVE: to consider the colonial plantation as an active community of slaves, indentured servants, and paid workers
ACTIVITY: research and report

Where Does Everyone Work?

OBJECTIVE: to think about where people worked on an early plantation
ACTIVITY: make a map

Mr. Carlin, the Tailor

OBJECTIVE: to learn about a specialized service outside the plantation community
ACTIVITY: interpret pages from early account book

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