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George Mason's Revolutionary Words

OBJECTIVE: to examine Mason's role in writing the Virginia Declaration of Rights and Virginia Constitution
ACTIVITY: read and discuss

Life in Colony Virginius

OBJECTIVE: to consider some of the conditions in colonial Virginia which led to the Virginia Declaration of Rights
ACTIVITY: role playing in groups

Let's Explore the VDR!

OBJECTIVE: to discuss the meaning and importance of the rights expressed in the Virginia Declaration of Rights
ACTIVITY: illustrate a right in action today

Letter to a Friend

OBJECTIVE: to explore some of the reasons why Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights
ACTIVITY: write a letter as an 18th-century person

Getting Out the News

OBJECTIVE: to investigate the newspaper's role in publicizing the Virginia Declaration of Rights
ACTIVITY: plan and act out news broadcast

The Seal of the Commonwealth

OBJECTIVE: to talk about the importance and symbolism of the Virginia seal
ACTIVITY: interpret the seal

Creating a Government

OBJECTIVE: to explore why Virginia wrote a constitution and what it said
ACTIVITY: make a diagram

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