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Lesson Three

As you conclude your study of George Mason

Step A: Brainstorming About Mason

First, choose a scribe. Then, as a group list all the things you can remember about the life of George Mason. Your scribe will write these things down. The process of sharing ideas is called brainstorming.

Two don'ts: Don't use your journals! Use your memory! AND Don't worry about writing down the events in the right order.

Step B: Making Choices

Read aloud your list of events. As a group, select five to 10 events which you think are the most important. (Take a vote if needed.) Put stars next to these events.

Step C: Preparing the Snapshots

You will work alone for this part. Choose one of the events you listed in Step B. Close your eyes and picture this event. Draw the event. This is your snapshot!

Write a paragraph or two to describe what is happening in the picture. Include lots of details in your drawing and written description. Do this process a few times to get the best snapshot and description. Ask other group members to help you decide which snapshot is best.

Step D: Putting Together the Snapshot Biography

Paste the snapshots from your group on a large piece of paper. Put them down in the order in which they took place. As a group, discuss:

How are the snapshots alike?

How are the snapshots different?

In general, how would you describe George Mason's life?

As a group, write a biography of Mason. This should be several paragraphs long. Your biography should include the snapshots drawn by your group. You can touch upon other information, too.

Step E: Presenting Your Biography

Present your snapshot biography to the class. Read the biography. Then, act out one of the snapshots.

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