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Let's take the information we learn about George Mason and put it into a story. To do this, follow the steps below. A story about someone's life is called a biography

Step A: Planning

What do you want to find out about George Mason? Make a list with your class.


Where was he born?

What was the name of his
mother and father?

Step B: Group Writing

Read a short biography of George Mason. With your class, write down the information you think is interesting or important.

Step C: Learning About Your Subject

As you learn about the colonial period in America, keep your eye out for information about George Mason.

Step D: Keeping a Journal

Get a notebook and call it your "George Mason Journal." As you find out something new about Mason, write it down in your journal. Your teacher will give you time to do this.

As you learn more about George Mason, you may decide that something he did was pretty smart or pretty silly. You may come up with more questions about his life. Write down all of this in your journal. Later, you will use the journal to help you write your Mason biography.

When you take a snapshot, you get a picture of a special moment or experience. Did you know that you can create a snapshot without a camera? Let's take a snapshot of George Mason! Work in groups and follow these steps.

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